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A Cup Of Coffee Under a Tree

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


Buku terjemahan dari buku yang diterbitkan sebelumnya berjudul : Secangkir Kopi di Bawah Pohon 'Kisah Doni Monardo Merawat Alam" . Amid such a dire-looking phenomenon, the idea of publishing a book titled “A Cup of Coffee under a Tree” has become very contextual. This book does not contain research results, nor does it contain scientific studies on deforestation or similar environmental damage issues.

This book focuses on the progress of a man named Doni Monardo. A figure with real and consistent actions. The consistency of his words, attitudes, and actions from year to year has begun to show real traces. He has never cared how many tens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of trees he had planted, either through his own ‘bare hands’ or through movements with other society elements. He only cares about how many tree seeds grow.

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