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A Plate Of Breadfruit on The Riverside

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


sinopsis :

Disasters are a shared undertaking. Doni Monardo has repeated this statement time after time. Inevitably, millions

of Indonesians have at least heard it. Millions of eyes have at least read it.

The book “A Plate of Breadfruit on the Riverside” becomes a small dot. It is present amidst the need for literature that can awaken the nation’s collective awareness of the necessity to protect nature. Written by Egy Massadiah, most of this book contains his experience accompanying the Head of the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB), Doni Monardo.

Bung Egy, as he is familiarly called, was directly involved, saw firsthand, and became a witness to how vulnerable the majority of


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